Monday, April 12, 2010


Must apologize for the lack of posts of late & the delay of Terra report!

Have no other excuse than being extremely busy with life!

Willo's Funeral on Friday was a sad day indeed, however it was a great send off to a true legend of our sport with only positive words spoken.

So in brief on the racing front,Terra again didn't fail to deliver, was right up there on the epic experience front, not going to spill too many beans here as I have been working on a story which I was asked to write about the event by Willow, will stick my neck out to say that is was nothing short of emotional & amazing.

Therefore grab yourself a copy of the next issue of Enduro mag to read all about it!

Should also mention I've been working hard to get the body ready for the Nemisis National Marathon Champs since Terra as I tore the "Popliteus", a muscle band behind the knee.
Thanks to Dom from 1st Place Osteopathy I'm a 50 50 chance of being on the start line, Dom is a true cycle injury expert, has enormous passion for fixing you up & his main focus is getting you back on the bike ASAP.

Hopefully see you on the start line as it's shaping up to be a great event, by all reports quite the challenging course too.


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