Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy days to "not" in a flash

With a fun day had by all on Cup day at Ben Randell's, blatting around in his backyard, See Pic bellow.

Very much looking forward to the Gravity 12hr this weekend,
Until yesterday that is, when I put my back out lifting some timber up onto a balcony.

Confirmed today I have a "bulged disc" in my lower spine.........Boo!!!!!!!

Hopefully with a few days flat on back & anti inflammatories, It will settle down enough to get a bit of Dom's(First place Osteo) magic touch & be on the start line for OFFICER 6hr in 10 days time.....Fingers crossed.

Thanks Bellie for the pic, Me about to take flight & Ben on the hunt :-)


Mak said...

Shame we wont see you up @ Rosewhite.... will have a beer and a blast on them sweet trails for you. Feet up and chillax and get better!

Troy Bailey said...

Ye that's life!
Cheers & Enjoy!